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Automated documentation versioning in Retool with Secoda. Learn more about how you can automate workflows to turn hours into seconds. Do more with less and scale without the chaos.

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Integration with Retool allows for seamless documentation versioning and tagging of updated schema documents. This integration empowers users to dedicate more time to distributing insights by automating the process of data documentation. Secoda, in collaboration with Retool, generates descriptive information for tables, columns, and glossary terms. This combination eliminates the need for manual documentation tasks, resulting in increased efficiency and streamlined workflows.

How it works

Secoda's integration with Retool enables the automatic creation of data documentation. This includes generating descriptions for tables, columns, and glossary terms using the metadata obtained from Retool. This integration utilizes Secoda's Automations feature, which consists of Triggers and Actions. Triggers are responsible for initiating the workflow, and they can be scheduled according to specific time intervals or customized criteria. Actions, on the other hand, encompass a variety of operations such as filtering and updating metadata. These actions can be stacked together to create tailored and detailed workflows that meet the specific needs of your team. Additionally, Secoda allows for bulk updates to metadata in Airbyte. Through this integration, users can efficiently manage data documentation and streamline their workflow processes.

About Secoda

Retool and Secoda can be utilized in combination to enhance the speed of documentation creation with the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI). By integrating the two platforms, you can benefit from Secoda's ability to consolidate and manage your company's data catalog, lineage, documentation, and monitoring. This integration allows you to leverage Retool's powerful features, enabling faster and more efficient documentation processes.

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