Automatically tag your most used assets in Amazon Quicksight

Automatically tag your most used assets with Secoda. Learn more about how you can automate workflows to turn hours into seconds. Do more with less and scale without the chaos.

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Secoda's integration with Amazon Quicksight allows you to effortlessly tag frequently utilized assets related to data sources. By automating this process, you can accurately categorize and manage your assets, saving valuable time. This integration ensures that your data literacy and enablement practices remain scalable and current. With Secoda's ability to identify the most used assets, you can effectively prioritize maintenance tasks.

How it works

Secoda offers seamless integration with Amazon Quicksight, allowing you to automatically tag frequently used assets that involve data sources like Quicksight. By utilizing this integration, you can save valuable time while ensuring that your data literacy and enablement practices are scalable and always up-to-date. Secoda's automation feature consists of two parts: Triggers and Actions. Triggers activate the workflow, and you can define schedules such as hourly, daily, or custom intervals to trigger subsequent actions. Actions encompass a variety of operations, including filtering and updating metadata. You can stack actions on top of each other to create personalized workflows tailored to your team's specific needs. With Secoda, you have the capability to efficiently perform bulk updates to metadata in Amazon Quicksight.

About Secoda

By integrating Amazon Quicksight with Secoda, you can enhance your company's data literacy and enablement practices. Secoda acts as a comprehensive index for your data knowledge, consolidating your data catalog, lineage, documentation, and monitoring into one efficient data management platform. This integration allows for more scalable data utilization and empowers users with enhanced insights and analysis capabilities. With the combined power of Amazon Quicksight and Secoda, you can optimize your data operations and improve decision-making processes.

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