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Secoda integrates with dbt, a SQL-based transformation workflow tool, to provide enhanced capabilities for data teams. With dbt, teams can collaborate and deploy analytics code in line with software engineering best practices. dbt enables the modularization and centralization of analytics code, versioning, testing, and documentation of queries before deploying them to production. It offers guardrails commonly found in software engineering, such as collaboration on data models, version control, and testing. By integrating with Secoda, teams can automatically identify and tag assets in their data catalog that have not been updated or viewed within a specified time interval, such as 90 days. Secoda also notifies teams when an asset is ready to be deprecated based on its usage levels.

How it works

Secoda's integration with dbt enables automated workflows through Triggers and Actions. Triggers allow you to schedule the activation of workflows based on specific time intervals such as hourly, daily, or custom schedules. Actions within Secoda encompass various operations, including filtering and metadata updates. By stacking these actions, you can create comprehensive workflows tailored to your team's requirements. With this integration, you gain the ability to efficiently perform bulk updates to metadata in dbt. Additionally, Secoda empowers you to automatically identify and tag assets in your data catalog that haven't been viewed or updated within a specified time interval, such as the last 90 days. You can also receive notifications when assets are ready for deprecation based on their usage levels.

About Secoda

In the process of data migration, the combination of dbt and Secoda can prove to be valuable. Secoda acts as a central platform for managing various aspects of your company's data, such as data catalog, lineage, documentation, and monitoring. By integrating dbt with Secoda, you can efficiently obtain asset deprecation warnings, ensuring that your data assets are up-to-date and aligned with the evolving needs of your organization.

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