Secoda AI: The fastest way to get answers from your data

Save hours of work each week. Secoda AI, uses the combined context of your data sources, lineage, documentation, and semantic layer to let anyone ask questions and get insights from your data, regardless of technical ability.
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June 5, 2024

Today we’re unveiling the latest chapter of Secoda AI, giving you the fastest way to get insights from your data. Secoda AI uses the combined context of your data sources, lineage, documentation, and semantic layer to let anyone, regardless of technical ability, ask questions and get answers from your data.

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Every organization wants to implement AI, but most aren’t ready for it. What happens when you feed an AI poor-quality data? You get poor-quality results.

Data teams are faced with the classic “garbage in, garbage out” problem with AI - most tools for data teams lack the necessary context to understand your business, resulting in inaccurate outputs and hallucinations.

We built Secoda to build that foundational context, giving data teams the tools to create a knowledge graph of their whole organization and provide them with insight into underlying data quality. 

Today we’re sharing the next step in Secoda AI, which gives you a new way to answer questions and get instant insights from your data using the combined context of your data sources, lineage, documentation and semantic layer.

What is Secoda AI?

Secoda AI simplifies data exploration, transforming complex queries into effortless conversations. It understands and contextually responds to questions about your data, writes and executes SQL queries, and makes it easy to manage data governance programs at scale - all in one simple, chat-based interface. Companies like IQVIA, Chipotle, Miinto, Vanta, and Remitly have been using Secoda to save hours of previously manual work.

The complexity and sheer volume of an organization’s data can make it overwhelming to access and use efficiently. Doing so often requires navigating intricate systems, complex tech stacks, documents (or lack of documentation), numerous Slack messages, and the expertise of multiple people. 

This is exactly why we built Secoda - to eliminate barriers and empower everyone to harness the full potential of their data.

Using a RAG, vector database, an LLM and LangChain, Secoda AI is everything you’d envision ChatGPT for your data to be: a secure AI-powered Assistant that can not only answer your questions about your data but write and execute complex queries, without the need for a semantic layer.

At Secoda, we believe in empowering our users to harness the full potential of their data without being bogged down by its complexities. Our mission is to empower everyone
to use data, and with Secoda AI, we’ve built the fastest way to do just that.

Ask questions to your data and receive contextual answers

Why Secoda AI is different

Unlike other approaches to an AI assistant for your data - Secoda AI doesn’t require extensive setup and integrates directly with your data ecosystem. This easy integration allows the AI to leverage the inherent context of your data, making it uniquely capable of providing instant, accurate answers and insightful analytics directly relevant to your business needs.

Instant answers, powered by the context of your data

Secoda AI transforms the way questions about data are answered. By understanding the context of your data, it provides instant responses to complex questions. This allows you to chat with Secoda AI as if you were talking to a data analyst who knows the ins and outs of your data. This real-time interaction happens in a way that traditional, disconnected AI tools cannot match. 

AI that queries for you

With Secoda AI, there’s no need for a semantic layer or manual query construction. When you ask Secoda AI a question, if there’s a dashboard or document that can answer your question, the AI sends you there first. If the information needed to answer your question doesn’t exist, Secoda AI understands your metadata and can write and run sophisticated queries for you. Not only do you save time, but the insights you generate are much higher quality, making data-driven decision-making faster and more reliable than ever. 

Imagine interacting with an AI that not only executes queries but also learns and adapts from each interaction. Let’s say the AI writes a query, and runs into an unexpected error, like using the wrong column name. Secoda AI doesn’t just stop - it learns, adapts, and tries again by using the error in the logs, to figure out the correct column name. Secoda AI accesses your data and metadata from Secoda, looking at related lineage to see upstream and downstream assets to correct itself and re-write a corrected query that will answer your question.  

Throughout this process, Secoda AI maintains transparency by clearly communicating the steps it takes, the errors encountered, and the adjustments made, enhancing your understanding of its logic, and building trust with users.

Conversational collaboration with Secoda AI

Security and permissions-focused from the start

Secoda AI is designed with robust security and permissions systems at its core. Leveraging Secoda's Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system ensures that users only interact with data for which they have explicit access rights. This means if a user queries about data entities beyond their access scope, the AI, adhering to the same RBAC protocols, will not retrieve information from those restricted areas. 

Secoda AI comes equipped with fully customizable permissions, allowing you to fine-tune what the AI can and cannot access. Each feature within the AI’s capabilities, such as searching resources, executing SQL, or retrieving entities, is governed by precise settings that Admins can control. This ensures that if there are any data assets or operations that your company prefers to keep off-limits, adjusting the settings to restrict AI access is straightforward and immediate, akin to setting up individualized security clearances for different members of a team. 

We’re committed to providing a secure, robust, and trustworthy AI-powered data management solution, and providing granular control is part of this commitment.

A completely transparent process, not a black box

Transparency is key in building trust with any AI assistant. Secoda AI demystifies the process it follows to arrive at answers. Each step taken by the AI is documented and visible to users, ensuring that you can trust and verify the accuracy and relevance of the information provided.

Secoda AI is like having a data analyst on call

Working with Secoda AI is like having a knowledgeable member of the data team by your side every time you navigate your company’s data. Secoda AI’s natural language search makes it easy for anyone to have a conversation with Secoda AI about data, letting data consumers answer their own questions, and reducing the amount of data request your team has to field. Enable anyone to run analysis, profile datasets, and ask complex questions about your data.

Who this is for

We designed Secoda AI for both data producers and data consumers to save hours of work each week.

Data Analysts

  • Querying data: Analysts can interact directly with any tool in the data stack, asking Secoda AI to retrieve and analyze data on demand.
  • Asking questions about dashboards: Enables analysts to get immediate clarifications and insights about the data they are reviewing.
  • Preparing analysis: Secoda AI assists in preparing complex data analysis, saving time and increasing productivity by automating routine data handling tasks.

Data Consumers and Business Users

  • Independent querying: Business users can ask questions directly to Secoda AI without needing to go through the data team, speeding up decision-making, agency, and increasing data literacy. They can even access Secoda AI right from Slack
  • Integration with CRM tools: Allow for rapid, straightforward queries to CRM systems like Salesforce, bypassing traditional operational bottlenecks.
  • Immediate insights: Provide instant answers to complex business queries, empowering users with timely information.

Data Engineers

  • Answering data lineage questions: Data engineers can receive instant explanations about data origins and transformations - crucial for managing data integrity.
  • Infrastructure impact queries: Help engineers assess the impact of changes in the database, such as what would happen if a column is dropped on a certain table.
  • Efficient problem solving: Accelerates troubleshooting by providing quick answers to infrastructure-related queries, reducing downtime and optimizing performance.
Answer data lineage questions

Data Governance Managers

  • Tagging PII: Secoda AI helps you detect and tag personally identifiable information (PII) across various data sources, ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.
  • Profiling data: Ask Secoda AI for detailed profiling of datasets - instantly highlighting data quality issues, anomalies, and patterns to help maintain high data standards.
  • Enforcing permissions: Enforce role-based access controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive data. 
Enforce RBAC

Your data at your fingertips

Secoda AI is more than just a tool - it is your data co-pilot, guiding you to the answers you need quickly and precisely. It is a direct extension of our vision at Secoda: to break down the barriers between you and your data.

Today, we invite you to join us in this new chapter, to empower your organization with the intelligence of Secoda AI. Step into a future where data empowers everyone in your organization. 

Welcome to the future of data, at your fingertips with Secoda AI.

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