Build your data strategy: Secoda Wrap 18

Jump into Secoda Wrap 18 and check out what went on at Secoda this week. We've got a webinar with Dagster Labs about data strategy, new improvements to Secoda's search algorithm, and a new podcast episode from Women Lead Data.
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May 2, 2024

Alright... Another Wednesday in the books, another Wrap on your feed 🌯

Catch up on all things Secoda this week:

🔨 Build a blueprint for your data governance, quality and management

🔍 New product improvements give you more personalized search results

🎧 Episode 13 of Women Lead Data shares the skills you need to be a data leader

... Let's get into it!

🔨 Expert advice on building your data strategy

Need guidance on building your data strategy? We're here to help.

On Thursday March 21, join the Secoda team and Pedram Navid, Head of Data Engineering at Dagster Labs to build a blueprint for data governance, quality, and management that you can use to inform your strategy.

We'll focus on steps you can take to shift focus toward managing data as a key organizational asset, and how you can maintain alignment with your business.

What you can expect from our discussion:

📚 Strategies for better data governance and data quality

⏳ Solutions that build long-term sustainability for data strategy

🛠️ An asset-centric approach to building data pipelines

🐙 Dive into the Dagster x Secoda integration

Can't make it on Thursday? Register below to receive the recording.

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🆕 Product improvements: search is better than ever

New updates to Secoda's search make finding the information you need faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Now, we integrate your viewing history into Secoda's search algorithm. This means the system learns from your past interactions with Secoda resources, tailoring search results more precisely to each individual user's needs.

Whether you're revisiting familiar topics, or exploring new ones, Secoda becomes more adept at presenting the most relevant information to you.

Spend less time sifting through information, while enjoying a search experience that evolves with you.

Try it out

🎧 Progressing as a leader in data: WLD episode 13

This week on Women Lead Data, Lindsay is joined by Santona Tuli, Head of Data at Upsolver.

Santona shares her career journey, from her days at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) working with massive datasets, to transitioning into the Head of Data role at Upsolver.

Tune in for:

🍎 Tips on how to be confident and assert yourself in your career

📚 Strategies to help you progress your leadership aspirations

✨ How to build your future career path, within data and beyond

Listen here

Curious about what happened last week at Secoda? And the week before that? And the week before that? Well, lucky for you, we have all our wraps neatly bundled up for you on our blog. Go check em out.

And that's all for now! See you next week 👋

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