Women Lead Data Podcast Episode 13: Santona Tuli of Upsolver

May 2, 2024

About the episode

In this episode, Lindsay is joined by Santona Tuli, who is Head of Data at Upsolver, to learn more about her leadership journey in the data industry. Santona shares more about her career journey and how she spent several years working on particle physics and analyzing massive particle collision events from the Large Hadron Collider, during her time at CERN. From there, we dive into the topic of being confident and asserting yourself in your career, and how this can be a really important skill to help you make leadership progress. We also spent some time discussing options for data leaders looking to move beyond data roles in the future.

Upsolver empowers software engineers to prepare and deliver the most complex application data for analytics & AI, in minutes.

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Show notes: