How data governance takes out the trash: Secoda Wrap 28

This week's wrap includes a webinar on AI-ready data teams, new governance options in Secoda AI, an enhanced Airflow plugin, and insights from the Women Lead Data podcast. Dive in now!
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June 26, 2024

Happy Wednesday, and happy Secoda Wrap day!

This week we're all about leveraging data governance to help you keep your data neat and tidy.

Here's what's going on:

🎤 Tomorrow: a new webinar on building AI-ready data teams through governance

🆕 Meet Secoda AI's new governance features, and our Airflow plugin

🎧 ...and catch up with a new Women Lead Data podcast episode!

🛡️ Build an AI-ready data team with data governance

This week, we're joined by Infostrux Solutions: a Snowflake elite partner, established consulting firm, and data experts who have worked with teams of all sizes.

Join us to learn how to build AI-ready data teams through data governance, quality and culture. We'll share real-world examples from other data teams who have been there, and who have built data governance programs from scratch.

Join us to learn:

🛡️ Why data governance is critical for AI implementation

🤖 How data quality impacts the usefulness of AI models

✨ How the MDS fits into data governance, and what the future holds

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🆕 Product improvements

Some new and exciting updates for you in Secoda:

🤖 Secoda AI's governance options

We introduced a new option that allows you to exclude specific resources from being utilized by Secoda AI at the resource level.

This enhancement gives you more control over your data and ensures that only the resources you want are utilized by Secoda AI, so that all of your users only see what they should.

Get all the details on how to set up governance for Secoda AI in our Secoda docs.

🚀 Airflow integration enhancements

Our Airflow integration just got even better! We've updated the integration to make it easier for any team to use:

🌐 Multiple hosting options: We've added support for hosting through Astronomer, and introduced a brand new Airflow plugin. Now you can connect Airflow to Secoda no matter how you host it.

📤 Push information: With the new Airflow plugin, you can push information directly to Secoda, making the integration seamless.

🔗 Build lineage: Our new Airflow plugin allows you to build lineage in Secoda effortlessly, so you can see a full picture of your data pipeline.

Get started with the Airflow plugin here.

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🎧 Building community in data: WLD #23

This week on the Women Lead Data podcast, we're joined by Meri Nova, technical founder of Break Into Data.

Meri shares more about the origins story of Break Into Data, an online accountability group that grew into an engaged, thriving community for aspiring data professionals.

Jump into this episode to find out:

🍎 How accountability can help you achieve new heights in your career

🌱 Meri's early career experience and how she grew a successful and valuable community

📚 Lessons and learnings from a first-time founder

Tune in

And that's all for now! See you next week 👋

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