Women Lead Data Episode 23: The Power of Accountability to Achieving New Heights with Meri Nova of Break into Data

June 19, 2024

About the episode

In this episode, I’m joined by Meri Nova, Technical Founder of Break Into Data to learn more about her journey in the data industry. Meri shares more about her early career journey, how her education in business and entrepreneurial spirit drove her to become a first-time founder, and how this taught her the importance of data-driven decisions for successfully running a business. Meri shares more about how she launched an online accountability group to help her upskill in data, and how this eventually transformed into the broader community she now leads, Break Into Data. This is such a cool story of how things can evolve and grow when people come together to support one another–I think you’ll enjoy hearing about this journey and where things are heading next.

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Show notes