How to assemble a high performance data team

Elevate your data team's success with insights on role evolution, efficiency optimization, diverse culture cultivation, shared hiring accountability, holistic interviewing mastery, tailored interview approaches, and effective skills definition. Unlock a strategic hiring process with expert guidance.
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May 2, 2024

We just wrapped up a great conversation with Taylor Brownlow of Count, and Lindsay Murphy, and Brittany Danishevsky of Secoda, diving into how to build an all star data team.

Here's a recap of the key takeaways:

1) Evolution of Roles: We’re witnessing a surge in roles focused on creating systems and data products to promote self-service, and seeing a rise in increasingly specialized roles (think analysts gear towards marketing or product, instead of general data analysis).

2) Do More with Less: Data teams are feeling the pressure to deliver top-notch results with limited resources. Teams are thinking about hiring for roles that can create systems and data products to encourage self serve. How do we optimize for efficiency without compromising quality?

3) Cultivating Diversity: We’re exploring strategies for building a diverse culture that goes beyond being a culture fit—aim for adding to the culture. To increase pipeline diversity, consider where you are finding your candidates, and if you are putting forth the effort to seek out candidates who are diverse. 

4) Shared Accountability in Hiring: Making collective hiring decisions with a fresh set of eyes at each step. Shared accountability ensures a well-rounded evaluation of candidates and promotes an increase in diversity and inclusive culture.

5) Interviewing Best Practices: Uncover the core elements of a successful interviewing process—from screening and technical reviews to whiteboard problem-solving sessions. Engage with professionals from adjacent teams for a holistic perspective.

6) Order of Operations in Interviews: Tailor your approach based on the role—decide whether to start with a technical assessment or behavioral interview based on your organizational priorities. Continuous iteration is key to refining your hiring process - keep assessing!

7) Skills Definition: Clearly define the skills you need from your new hire, and build your hiring process around that. Taylor’s guide is a treasure trove of interview questions to guide your assessment.

For interviewees gearing up for the challenge:

🔍 Craft Your Story: Have a compelling story ready about a piece of work that showcases your skills and values.

🗣️ Communication is Key: In data roles, effective communication is critical. Be prepared for questions on communication strategies, especially in cross-departmental collaboration.

Check out the full webinar  for a deep dive, and to learn more about building a data team.

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