MDS Fest '23: Day 5 Recap and Recordings

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May 2, 2024

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How a data team of 3 manages to support a company of +250 ft. Miriama Křížková and Shona Uphof

This talk explores Miriama and Shona's 3 year journey with dbt. Starting from implementation, they walk through the actions taken at each stage of evolution. A team as small as 3 can have a huge impact on an organization of 250+.

The principal concept they highlight is the scalability of their approach. The dbt environment, tooling and, crucially, mindset has enabled 3 analytics engineers to scale data in a growing team at Slido over a course of 3 years.

A journey to personal analytics with the modern data stack ft. Felippe Felisola Caso

As analysts and data enthusiasts, we spend hours organizing and analyzing data for the organizations we work with. Why not do the same for ourselves? What if we could leverage the Modern Data Stack to make better decisions about our health, routines and finances?

This talk will dive into the world of personal analytics. We will highlight some possibilities of using dbt, Meltano and more to improve our own lives. Furthermore, it will showcase how the journey can be as fulfilling as the destination, bringing a whole new meaning to the tools and processes we use at work.

Extending dbt core ft. Omar Salloum

dbt offers a lot of flexibility. However you are constrained to Jinja to express most of your logic. How can you overcome that? Well the answer is simple, override your entry point and add your custom plugins to extend the system. While there are many other solutions out there to add Python support in your dbt project, this talk will demonstrate how to leverage the flexibility of Python to achieve your goals while keeping full flexibility. Get ready to see what you can achieve with Python, Athena, Google Sheets & DuckDB.

Data security for data professionals ft. Monica Kay Royal

This is an introduction to data security and how you can protect your personal and company data.

It is not surprising that every company is becoming more data-driven these days. What might be a surprise to some is that it is our responsibility to understand how to protect that data. This session will cover the best practices everyone should be aware of to help protect both company and personal data from threats and theft.

Data engineers are becoming software engineers ft. Sung Won Chung

It isn’t enough to bring the theatrics of software engineers to data engineers. It forces us to evolve who we are. Shipping data is more valuable than ever.

Foundations first: strategies for ensuring data quality ft. Eric Callahan, Mike Ebbers, and Steven Filer

How to use AI / LLMs effectively and strategies for making sure that data quality is not ignored in pursuit of running after the shiny new thing.

Making metrics work for you ft. Britton Stamper

How teams can intentionally design and build metrics into a self-serve system where individual accountability drives results. With this adjusted set up, everyone can then see the drivers that they need to focus on improving and the output that they are responsible for driving. These frameworks helped our teams achieve 30% increase in LTV, a reduction in first week churn by 50% and more.

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