Save your data team 100+ hours with Automations: Secoda Wrap 08

Happy Wrapped Wednesday! This week we're saving your data team 100+ hours a month with our new product, Automations. We're also got a new integration, new webinar and a new podcast episode just for you.
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May 2, 2024

It's that time of the week again! Happy Wrapped Wednesday 🌯

We're one week into 2024, and we're getting right back into the swing of things by breaking the news of our newest product: Automations.

Read on to learn all about it.

This week:

💸 Teaching you strategies to save your dollars

⚡️ Reclaiming 100+ hours of your time with Secoda Automations

🔗 A new integration with Trino

🎙️... and how our latest podcast guest made the move from data scientist to CEO.

Let's get into it!

💸 Fine-tune your cost containment strategy

Between economic conditions, ROI considerations, and the shift towards consumption-based cloud spending - data teams are thinking about how to become revenue generators as the price of data management rises.

On January 17, we’ll be continuing the conversation on how data teams can invest in cost monitoring, and how to sustainably scale.

We’ll cover:

⚖️ Balancing the trade-off between setup simplicity and scaling expenses

💰 Managing the intricacies of a budget-friendly data team

📈 Identifying risks associated with unmonitored infrastructure expenses

🛡️ Implementing protective measures for controlling compute costs

Start the new year off strong, and fine-tune your strategy.

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⚡️ One and Done: Secoda Automations is here

Reclaim 100+ hours a month by automating tasks your data team currently handles manually.

With Secoda Automations, you can easily build workflows to automate your data team's repetitive tasks and update your metadata at scale.

📚 Ensure accurate and complete documentation

It's easier than ever to keep documentation updated. Automation helps you say goodbye to headaches caused by manual errors and minimizes repetitive tasks.

📈 Save costs and increase productivity

Automate time-consuming tasks and unleash the full potential of your team. Secoda Automations doesn't just save time; it optimizes resource utilization - translating into substantial cost and time savings.

⭐️ Drive product adoption

Build confidence and grow adoption of your data products by automatically tagging verified assets so business stakeholders are always using the most up-to-date resources.

🔒 Maintain governance and control

Easily build workflows to ensure your data is secure. Automate verifying high-quality data, tag assets contianing PHI, PII and HIPPA information to improve the scalability of your data governance.

Ready to reclaim your time through Automation?

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🔗 Trino Integration

Secoda now supports Trino as a native integration. Seamlessly synchronize your Trino Catalogs, Schemas, Tables, Views, Columns, and more - and easily bring them right into Secoda.

With our new integration, effortlessly see lineage from Tables to Views, and Table columns to View columns, giving your team a holistic understanding of your pipeline.

Use Secoda to add context to your Trino metadata, simplify your team's access and remove the need to switch between tools.

Learn how to connect to Trino, and find a full list of all the metadata extracted in our Secoda docs below.

Connect Trino

🌱 From Data Scientist to CEO: Women Lead Data Episode 3

In our third episode, Lindsay Murphy is joined by Nicole Janeway Bills (Founder & CEO of Data Strategy Professionals) to learn more about her journey toward starting a company and becoming a CEO.

Nicole shares her career story about breaking into the data industry and becoming a data scientist before starting her own company.

If you've ever thought about starting your own company - this is the episode for you!

Tune in


... and that's a wrap!

Still hungry for more? Check out past Secoda Wraps on our blog.

See you next week!

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