Automations have landed: Secoda Wrap 12

This week's Secoda Wrap highlights the launch of Secoda Automations to eliminate repetitive tasks, a discussion on data quality and entrepreneurship on the Women Lead Data podcast, and an upcoming webinar with Elsie Hoffet on balancing goals. Tune in for insights on leveraging AI in data workflows and inspirational entrepreneurial journeys.
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May 2, 2024

Goooooood morning and happy Wednesday. We're sitting in Toronto and welcoming a little Wednesday sun to accompany the Wednesday Wrap 🌯

This week:

👋 Say goodbye to repetitive work with the launch of Secoda Automations

🌱 Stefania Olafsdottir and Lindsay Murphy are discussing all things Avo, data quality, entrepreneurship, the importance of role models, and how Stef approaches goal setting as a CEO

🎯 Say hello to new goal-setting strategies with our upcoming webinar with Elsie Hoffet of Deezer

... Let's get into it 🤠

⚡️ Tomorrow: Secoda Automations have landed

Tomorrow is the big day! Juggling a ton of different tasks, strapped for time, and still need to get your routine work done? Then this event is for you.

We built Secoda Automations to take repetitive tasks off your plate, while maintaining and improving the quality of your data.

📆 Join us tomorrow for a live demo of Secoda Automations, and an interactive discussion on how data teams can leverage AI and automation in their workflows. We're joined by Etai Mizrahi, Andrew McEwen, Brendan Kelly of AlignAI and Cesar Estremadoyro of Astra.

Find out how you can save your precious time and resources by joining us tomorrow.

Can't make it? Register below to receive the recording.

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🎙️ WLD Episode 7: Becoming a citizen of the world

Episode 7 of Women Lead Data is now live!

This week, Lindsay is joined by Stefania Olafsdottir to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey in data, and the value of strong role models.

Learn more about:

💼 The inspiration behind the founding of Avo

🇮🇸 The inspiring feminist movement in Iceland and how a generation grew to see leadership through a new lens

💡 Insights into Stef's approach to goal setting as a CEO

We cover a lot of ground in this episode and share invaluable insight, you don't want to miss it!

Tune in

🎯 How to balance short and long-term goals with Deezer

Planning your long and short-term goals is a real balancing act ⚖️

As your team prioritizes different focuses, stakeholders, resource allocation, changing environment, and risks - it's crucial to develop a flexible and dynamic strategy that accommodates your immediate needs, and your future aspirations.

On February 14, join Elsie Hoffet of Deezer, and Etai Mizrahi & Brittany Perlin Danishevsky of Secoda as we dive into the nuances of balancing your short and long-term goals as a data team.

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... and that's another wrap in the books!

Tune in later this week for the BIG WRAP - aka, what we've been up to the past month at Secoda. We promise it'll be full of sun, sand, product updates and probably a meme here or there 🏝️

Questions, comments, concerns, queries, conundrums? Leave 'em in the comments.

Still hungry for more? Check out past Secoda Wraps on our blog.

See you next week!

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