Activate your data with Secoda & SingleStore: Secoda Wrap 10

Secoda Wrap 10 is here! Activate your data with Secoda & SingleStore, automate your most repetitive data tasks with Secoda Automations, and a new episode of the Women Lead Data Podcast is teaching you how to get 100k people checking out your content with Megan Lieu.
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May 2, 2024

Happy Wednesday, and happy 10th Wrap day!

That's a lot of wraps: 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯

This week:

🔮 Meet the new modern with Secoda and SingleStore,

⚡️Automate your most repetitive tasks with Secoda Automations,

🎙️ and learn how to get 100k people checking out your content with Megan Lieu.

Let's get into it! 🪩

🦾 Supercharge your data management with AI

Meet the new modern. Join us for the official launch event of the new Secoda x SingleStore integration, and experience how AI can transform the landscape of your current data management workflows across data discovery, governance, quality, and cost management.

If you’re running a modern data stack and have growth as a priority, this event is for you.

Can't make it? Register below to receive the recording.

Tune in

⚡️ Automations are here: get early access

Build workflows to automate your data team's repetitive tasks, update metadata across your whole stack, and save 100+ hours a month.

Build workflows with Secoda Automations across:

📃 Documentation: Ensure documentation is complete and accurate

🧹 Data Clean Up: Create flows to automate tedious clean up tasks

❤️ Data Enablement: Automate complex workflows for better adoption

🛡️ Governance: Automated tagging for PII, high-quality data, and more

💰 Save cost through efficiency: Optimize resources and eliminate repetition

Reclaim your time and make scaling simple with Secoda Automations - sign up for early access today.

Get early access

🎙️ WLD Episode 5: Becoming a data content creator

In our fifth episode, Lindsay is joined by Megan Lieu (Data Advocate at Deepnote) to learn more about her career in the data industry and how she's carving her own leadership path as a content creator.

Megan has almost 100K followers on LinkedIn – giving her a breadth of experience in what it's like to create and share your ideas with the masses.

If you've ever considered starting a blog, speaking at conferences, or creating other forms of content as a way to grow your skills, you should check this episode out!

Tune in to learn:

🌱 How to grow your network on LinkedIn (and why you should!)

🎤 Where to get started with content creation

💼 What a Data Advocate and how you can become one

Listen in


... and that's a wrap!

Questions, comments, concerns, queries, conundrums? Leave 'em in the comments.

Still hungry for more? Check out past Secoda Wraps on our blog.

See you next week!


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