Supercharge your data management with AI: Secoda Wrap 09

Supercharge your data management with AI: Secoda Wrap 09. This week: we're got a new cost containment webinar, launching the Secoda x SingleStore integration, a new podcast episode on being a first time founder with Sarah Nagy of Seek AI, and early access to Secoda Automations.
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April 11, 2024

Well, well, well. What do ya know. It's Wednesday. Wrap Wednesday.

Welcome to the Secoda Wrap 09!

This week we've got several exclusive invitations for you:

💰TODAY: Lindsay Murphy & Peter Fishman of Mozart Data are breaking down how to save your dollars

🤖 Meet the new modern with Secoda x SingleStore

🌱 Listen in to the challenges and joys of being a first-time founder with Sarah Nagy of Seek AI

⚡️ Be the first to get early access to Secoda Automations...

Ready to get into it? 🏃🏾

💰 Scale & Sustain: Master cost containment

You know the drill: Wrapped Wednesday. Webinar Wednesday. We just love Wednesdays.

Today (Jan 17) at 2PM ET, we’ll be continuing the conversation on how data teams can invest in cost monitoring. Lindsay Murphy of Secoda will be joined by Peter Fishman, Co-Founder and CEO of Mozart Data.

We’ll cover:

⚖️ Balancing setup simplicity and scaling expenses

💰 Managing a budget-friendly data team

📈 Identifying risks from unmonitored infrastructure expenses

🛡️ Implementing measures to control compute costs

Fine-tune your strategy with advice from folks who have been there before.

Can't make it? Register below to receive the recording.

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🦾 Supercharge your data management with AI

Meet the new modern.

Join us for the official launch event of the new Secoda x SingleStore integration, with Lindsay Murphy, Andrew McEwen and Vinay Kumar of SingleStore.

Experience how AI can transform the landscape of your current data management workflows across data discovery, governance, quality, and cost management.

If you’re running a modern data stack and have growth as a priority, this event is for you.

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🌱 The story of a first-time founder: WLD Episode 4

Wrapped Wednesday is also Women Lead Data Wednesday - and you can listen to the newest episode with Sarah Nagy of Seek AI today!

This week, Lindsay is joined by Sarah Nagy, Co-founder and CEO of Seek AI, a natural language interface for querying structured data. Sarah shares how they got their start in data science, the journey to starting SeekAI, and the challenges and successes that come with being a founder.

In this episode:

🪴 How to upskill yourself to take on the CEO role

☀️ Tips on overcoming self-doubt and rejection

📍 First-hand advice for first-time founders

Listen in

⚡️ Get Early Access: Secoda Automations is here

Easily build workflows to automate your data team's repetitive tasks, update metadata across your whole stack, and save 100+ hours a month.

With Secoda Automations, you can build workflows to help you:

📃 Ensure documentation is complete and accurate

⏰ Increase productivity and automate time consuming tasks

❤️ Drive product adoption by automating complex workflows

🛡️ Maintain governance with automated tagging

💰 Save cost through efficiency - optimize resource utilization, eliminate repetition

Ready to say goodbye to repetitive tasks?

Reclaim your time and make scaling simple with Secoda Automations - sign up for early access today.

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... and that's a wrap!

Questions, comments, concerns, queries, conundrums? Leave 'em in the comments.

Still hungry for more? Check out past Secoda Wraps on our blog.

See you next week!

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