Build on top of Secoda with our new SDK: Secoda Wrap 16

Explore the latest in Secoda in Wrap 16: from building custom integrations, syncing Snowflake tags, to catalog navigation improvements. Learn how software engineering advances data engineering, join webinars, and win an Oura ring. Dive into Secoda's updates and insights.
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May 2, 2024

Another week, another Secoda wrap!

Here's what's been going on:

πŸ› οΈ How you can build custom integrations in Secoda

πŸ’» How software engineering improves data engineering

βͺ A new podcast episode, a chance to win an Oura ring, and a new webinar

Let's get into it πŸ•ΊπŸ»

πŸ†• Build custom integrations, bi-directional syncing, and more

We've got a few new exciting updates in Secoda for you this week:

🧰 Secoda's software development kit

Our SDK is a powerful tool for developers to create custom integrations with the Secoda platform. It provides a framework for connecting and extracting data from various sources into Secoda, allowing for a rich and interconnected data ecosystem - learn more in our docs.

❄️ Bi-directionally sync your Snowflake tags

Make sure your tags are up to date, no matter where you make a change. Now any changes you make in Secoda will sync back to Snowflake, and vice versa.

πŸ“š Catalog navigation updates

We've improved the navigation experience when you use Secoda's Catalog. Now, the side nav of the Catalog supports the nesting of folder structures from your integration sources, so that Secoda mimics the structure you're already used to. We've also improved loading time on the side nav, so no matter how complex your folder structure is, you'll be able to work with speed.

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πŸ’» Transforming data engineering with software engineering

There have been a ton of recent advancements in data engineering, but compared to software development, data products are still slow to develop, ship, and maintain at scale 🐌

What would it look like if we borrowed best practices from software engineering, and brought them to data engineering?

On Thursday, March 14, we're exploring just that with Toby Mao - CTO and Co-founder of Tobiko Data, and former Senior Staff Software Engineer at Airbnb.

Why you should join:

βš™οΈ Get a breakdown of key software development and design principles

βš™οΈ Understand what continuous integration and continuous deployment are, and how you can implement these strategies

βš™οΈ Recommended tools and tech to support implementation, along with case studies and examples

βš™οΈ Hear from Toby, who is an expert in both data and software engineering

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βͺ ICYMI: a new webinar, podcast episode, and a free Oura ring

Here are some goodies from the week you might have missed:

πŸ™ Dagster x Secoda: data governance, quality, and management

Coming up on March 21, we're sitting down with Pedram Navid, Head of Data Engineering at Dagster Labs to build a blueprint for data governance, quality and management.

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🎧 Women Lead Data Episode 11

This week, Lindsay is joined by Rehgan Avon, CEO and Co-founder of Align AI. Tune in for lessons on transitioning from engineering to CEO and founder, and the politics of data roles.

Listen here

🎫 Tickets to MDS Fest are flying

With 55+ industry veterans and innovators, register and take in the insights and lessons each speaker will share. And not to mention - you get full access, all for free.

Register today and be entered in a giveaway for a new Oura smart ring!

And that's all for now! See you next week πŸ‘‹


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