Women Lead Data Podcast Episode 11: Navigating the Politics of Data Roles with Rehgan Avon of AlignAI

May 2, 2024

About the episode

In this episode, Lindsay is joined by Rehgan Avon, CEO and Co-founder of Align AI to learn more about her leadership journey in the data industry. Rehgan is also the founder and former CEO of Women In Analytics, a group she started in 2016 to help increase the representation of women in the data and analytics industry. Rehgan shares more about her career journey, how she started in Engineering, transitioned into the data and ML space, and became the CEO and co-founder of Align AI. We dive deeper into the topics of navigating the politics of data roles and why this can be so difficult, how companies can benefit from investing in having senior individual contributors in data, and how the Data Connect conference (run by Women in Analytics) solves for having a full female and gender fluid speaker line-up every year. Conference organizers take notes! This is an exciting episode and Rehgan has so many great learnings to share from her own experiences, as well as her experience helping to improve the representation of women in the data and analytics space.

Align AI is the first people-centric platform to connect strategy, governance, policies, and procedures from leadership to the front lines.

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Show notes