Decrease Your Documentation Time with Secoda

Have you considered how long it takes to document your metadata? Learn how to cut down your data teams’ documentation time and more here.
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May 2, 2024

Today, I'm excited to show you the new, faster way that Secoda lets data analysts work with your metadata. With this new feature, we believe data teams will be able to cut down their documentation time significantly.

The Problem

One of the biggest frustrations that we've heard over the past year while building Secoda about data cataloguing and management tools is how long it takes to document your metadata. This is partly a problem because of how much data teams have, but also because of the UI / UX of these tools (Secoda included). Today, most data cataloging tools try to make this process a little bit easier, and Secoda is no different. Unfortunately, we have all fallen a little bit short.

It takes teams a long time to go live with any data cataloguing tool and usually updating documentation is easier in excel than it is in the tool you initially bought to speed up the process. Secoda, of course, automates a lot of this process for you already by automatically capturing any descriptions, lineage, schema changes, comments, queries, tags etc. But even with all this magic automation, there's still certain "manual" tagging that you need to do in tools like Secoda. For example, you might want to edit some descriptions, add ownership that maybe isn't available in that central source, or add things to collections. All of this process was taking our customers a long time previously, and we hope with this new change, they're able to use some of the workflows that they're familiar with in Excel to go live much, much faster.

New Features Are Coming!

We're going to continue to build features into Secoda that make it the fastest way for you to work with your metadata and hope that this improvement in our UI makes a really big difference in your workflows and how you're using Secoda. We've created this video to show you the magic

Thanks so much and really hope you enjoy this feature. Let us know what you think. As always, we're happy to hear it. We've got a ton of exciting stuff that's building on top of this in the future. So we'll be back soon. Take care! 

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