Connect Hightouch to Secoda to document your reverse ETL in the same place as the rest of their data knowledge

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Connect Hightouch to Secoda to document your reverse ETL in the same place as the rest of their data knowledge

About the Hightouch Integration

By Hightouch to Secoda, customers can see an overview of all their syncs in the Secoda dashboard.

How does the Secoda and hightouch connection work

The Secoda and HighTouch connection work together to provide customers with an easy to use data catalog. The HighTouch software allows customers to quickly create a catalog that is easily searchable and secure, while Secoda provides integrated search and data discovery capabilities. The Secoda platform helps customers to quickly analyze, explore and find insights in their data, while HighTouch offers secure access to the data and provides customers with extensive customization options to meet their specific needs. Together, Secoda and HighTouch provide customers with a powerful data cataloging solution.

How to see hightouch data lineage

To see high-touch data lineages diagrams, you must first use Secoda to automate the process of creating them. Once the automation is complete, you can view the data lineages diagram that Secoda generated to understand the source and end-points of your data flow from its creation to its ultimate use. Thanks to Secoda, it's now easier than ever to investigate and document where your data comes from and how it's used.

Create a data dictionary for hightouch

A data dictionary for HighTouch is a comprehensive database of all the critical data elements used in it. It includes definition of each element, its associated attributes, relations between different elements, and mapping to external data sources. It provides a single source of truth that helps users better understand the data elements and use them more efficiently in operations.

Share hightouch knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing high-touch knowledge with everyone at your company helps ensure that the knowledge is accessible to everyone. This can help create easier collaboration, lead to faster problem-solving, and enhance customer satisfaction. Ultimately, it means for a more informed, unified and successful workplace.

Create a single source of truth based on hightouch metadata

A single source of truth based on high-touch metadata helps organizations make effective decisions by aggregating data from multiple sources into a centralized and reliable repository. This helps to ensure clarity, accuracy, completeness and integrity of data, promoting accuracy and consistency. It also simplifies access to critical information, enabling better decision-making, improved workflow processes and streamlined analytics. By creating a single source of truth, organizations can better leverage the data they already have to create more effective and profitable outcomes.