Microsoft SQL


Use Secoda to understand how Microsoft SQL server tables connect to the rest of your data stack.

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Microsoft SQL


Use Secoda to understand how Microsoft SQL server tables connect to the rest of your data stack.

About the Microsoft SQL server Integration

SQL Server Integration is a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions. Use the integration to solve complex business problems by copying or downloading files, loading data warehouses, cleansing and mining data, and managing SQL Server objects and data.

How does the Secoda and microsoft-sql-server connection work

The Secoda and Microsoft SQL Server connection works by allowing users to upload data into the Secoda data catalog. SQL Server stores the data as well as provides fast-track data integration and storage. Secoda then provides a data exploration interface, allowing users to access, analyze, and visualize the data quickly and accurately. The integration also provides a secure connection between the two, so users can access and utilize their data without worry.

How to see microsoft-sql-server data lineage

Secoda's microsoft-sql-server data lineage mapping tool allows users to visualize relationships between data items and their dependencies. By quickly analyzing source data, databases and system structure, users can identify and analyze data, track data history and trace data flow so as to gain a full understanding of their data's lineage. Through interactive and configurable diagrams, trends can be identified and recommendations provided to optimize and improve data quality. Secoda helps users gain greater visibility into their data's lineage and is a valuable asset for data governance.

Create a data dictionary for microsoft-sql-server

Create a data dictionary for Microsoft-SQL-Server using Secoda’s no code integration capabilities. Automatically build a catalogue of all database object definitions, access rights, keywords, gathered field data types and descriptions. Have the ability to generate the data dictionary in a variety of formats including json, xls, csv and pdf to share with collaborators and teams. Secoda’s robust data dictionary keeps your database organized and makes it easy to update and maintain.

Share microsoft-sql-server knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Microsoft-SQL-Server knowledge with everyone at your company has many benefits. It encourages collaborative problem-solving, streamlines project management, and increases the quality of product output. Sharing knowledge also increases efficiency and establishes a common knowledge base, allowing the company to leverage its resources. Additionally, it empowers employees with the expertise they need to carry out their work properly and adds value to the organization.

Create a single source of truth based on microsoft-sql-server metadata

Creating a single source of truth based on Microsoft SQL Server metadata is essential to ensure that the data is not duplicated or misplaced. A single source of truth can be established by configuring a Master Data Management (MDM) solution that allows the user to store and manage various types of structured and unstructured data. This way, the user can easily query and analyze data from a single source, and ensure that all information is accurate, which helps organizations maintain a reliable and consistent form of data.