Decision Science: Make Better Decisions with an easy 5-Step Process | Matthew Brandt

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May 2, 2024

Previously streamed live at MDS Fest

Decision Science: Make Better Decisions with an easy 5-Step Process, a talk by Matthew Brandt, Decision Engineer, Well Gesundheit AG

Talk Descriptions

Most analysts don't make decisions, but they should.

It's easy to do an analysis and sit back and watch stakeholders take it away - without tracking its impact. Organisations aim to be “data-driven” but never truly question the purpose of why data is collected in the first place: to make better decisions. So how do we know what a good decision looks like and furthermore, how can we be certain we took the "right" one?

Discover the significance of developing research questions through data exploration and cleansing, and witness the magic of rapid collaborative iterations with stakeholders instead of months-long back and forth. Learn to measure decision impact through experimentation and tracking key metrics, empowering you to have the best possible outcome and unlock the secrets to confident decision-making.

Join me for a journey through a simple but powerful 5-Step process named Prime Route, with concrete examples and most importantly, an interactive exercise to apply this to your business