Developing a Apache Superset application for 60k users | Christophe Blefari

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May 2, 2024

Previously streamed live at MDS Fest

Developing a Apache Superset application for 60k users, a talk by Christophe Blefari, Staff Data Engineer,

Talk Description

In this presentation I'll showcase tips to developed a large Apache Superset application with tens of interactive dashboards and custom visualisation. This application has been developed for the French government but I'll showcase what I did without any mention to any real data because it's private still I'll explain how to create nice custom viz, how to add relationships between dashboard, how to integrate a SSO, how to hide Superset to your users — actually I'll showcase why I think Superset competes with Tableau when it comes to dashboarding. This session might be for users already knowing Superset but also for people not familiar with it. It'll be mainly conceptual but I'll show a bit of code to explain a few concepts