Navigating the Data Ecosystem | Dylan Anderson

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May 2, 2024

Previously streamed live at MDS Fest

Navigating the Data Ecosystem, a talk by Dylan Anderson, Lead Data Strategy Consultant, Redkite

Talk Description

When you think about the Modern Data Stack, what comes to mind? ML? AI? Dashboards? Cloud Platforms? Countless SaaS tools solving for these things? Enterprise Architecture to bring it all together? Data Governance because the data quality is poor? All of the Above?

In reality, these are all part of the Modern Data Stack and each has their part to play. But how can we keep on top of it all? The meaning of Modern Data is growing faster than a single person can account for and few people have the experience or knowledge to speak to all the different domains and areas. Enter this talk (and a lot of other material I'm creating related to this talk's subject) This is a talk intended for all data nerds, leaders and practitioners.This talk is to bring to their attention that we, as data people, can no longer see the forest for the trees; we are all so focused on the details of our individual domains that we have lost the view of the holistic picture. And this isn't our fault either, because nobody has brought it all together.

This talk aims to start that process. What does the data ecosystem mean? What is included and why? How do the different pieces interact with one another and what else should you pay attention to as a data engineer or analyst?I hope to connect the dots in people's brains about why data, the Modern Data Stack, and all these domains actually exist, and how they map together.