The story of data at HourWork | Zack Ober

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May 2, 2024

Previously streamed live at MDS Fest

The story of data at HourWork, a talk by Zack Ober, Analytics Lead, HourWork

Talk Description

The story of data at HourWork is a hero's journey. My task was to build a "Modern Data Stack" and a data-driven culture. I walked into a situation with source data issues and no ability to fix them upstream. Most decisions at the company were sales-driven. Most people at the company had no idea what "analytics engineering" was. It was a data professional's nightmare. It's been nearly two years since I started. Not only has data become essential to our organization, it is now our main value proposition to our customers. So what happened? I will share this story along with what I learned about providing business value and influence. This is not a glamorous story. Just people working together, with data, to provide value to customers.