You don't have to write SQL until you die | Jeff Sloan

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May 2, 2024

Previously streamed live at MDS Fest

You don't have to write SQL until you die, a talk by Jeff Sloan, Product, Census

Talk Description

For anyone who has thought about a career outside of dashboards and SQL, this panel session is for you. It can happen! And not only that -- your experience in data makes you more capable than you ever thought possible. In this talk, three panelists discuss a life outside of the data organization, after making career switches to different roles. They'll explore: 1. How data skills give them super powers in their new day-to-day work 2. Why they made the jump 3. Their fears and adjustment period Expect candid discussions of following your passions, Imposter Syndrome, managing burnout, and the most difficult question of all: Is the grass really greener?