Women Lead Data Podcast Episode 2: Jacqueline Cheong of Artie

May 2, 2024

Rapidly Growing into the CEO role with Jacqueline Cheong of Artie

In the second episode of Women Lead Data, Lindsay is joined by Jacqueline Cheong (Co-founder and CEO of Artie) to learn more about her journey in starting her own company, Artie, and becoming a CEO. Jacqueline's co-founder is her husband, and we dive into some of the pros and cons they faced getting VC funding as married co-founders.

Artie is a real-time database replication solution that leverages change data capture (CDC) and stream processing to sync databases and data warehouses in real-time, enabling sub-minute latency and reducing compute costs.

From Finance to Founder: Jacqueline's Unconventional Path

Jacqueline's path to founding Artie was anything but linear. With a background in applied math and a career that started in finance, Jacqueline's journey is a testament to the unpredictable roads that can lead to entrepreneurship. Her transition from software equity research and investment to the helm of a tech startup underscores the importance of adaptability and continuous learning in one's career.

The Birth of Artie: Revolutionizing Real-Time Data Transfer

Artie emerged from a clear vision to solve a prevalent problem in the tech industry: the inefficiency and latency in transferring data to data warehouses. Leveraging change data capture (CDC) and streaming technologies, Artie stands out by offering a solution that not only syncs databases in real-time but also significantly reduces compute costs for companies.

Jacqueline's narrative provides insight into the motivations and challenges of bringing a highly technical product to market. It highlights the critical role of understanding the industry's needs and developing a solution that addresses a gap in existing technologies.

Embracing the CEO Role: Growth, Challenges, and Learnings

Stepping into the role of CEO, Jacqueline faced the universal hurdles of imposter syndrome and the steep learning curve associated with managing a startup. Her candid reflection on these challenges sheds light on the inner workings of entrepreneurship, from mastering new skill sets to dealing with the uncertainties of startup life.

Jacqueline's journey is a compelling example of how personal and professional growth is intertwined with the challenges of leading a company. Her experiences underscore the importance of resilience, self-improvement, and the willingness to step out of one's comfort zone.

Navigating Fundraising and Building a Business with a Partner

The fundraising journey and the dynamics of building a business with a life partner offer unique insights into the complexities of startup financing and personal relationships in the business world. Jacqueline's open discussion about the positives and negatives of working with a spouse in a high-stakes environment adds a valuable perspective to the conversation about entrepreneurship.

Final Thoughts: Encouragement for Aspiring Founders

Jacqueline's story is a powerful reminder that the path to entrepreneurship is filled with both challenges and rewards. Her advice to not hold oneself back due to perceived limitations is a call to action for aspiring founders, especially women, to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams with conviction and resilience.

In sharing her journey, Jacqueline Chiang not only highlights the innovative work being done at Artie but also serves as an inspiration for those looking to make their mark in the tech industry. Her story encourages us to embrace the unknown, learn continuously, and pursue our passions with determination.

Jacqueline's story is more than just the narrative of founding a company; it's a beacon for anyone looking to navigate the complexities of the tech industry and entrepreneurship. As we reflect on her journey, we are reminded of the power of perseverance, the importance of adaptability, and the endless possibilities that come with the courage to chase one's dreams.

For more information about Artie and to explore their revolutionary data transfer solutions, visit their website and consider how real-time data transfer could transform your business operations.

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