Women Lead Data Episode 16: Michelle Yi of Basis & Women in Data

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May 2, 2024

About the episode

In this episode, Lindsay is joined by Michelle Yi, who is a startup mentor, advisor, and founder, and a board member of Women in Data, to learn more about her leadership journey in the data industry. Michelle has had such a cool career path in the data and AI industry, she shares more about how she started her career at IBM at the age of 16 (she started university when she was just 13 years old!!), where she worked on AI research and IBM Watson. She also shares her experiences working in consulting and on practical applications of AI, how she founded her own company and raised a seed round, and her more recent focus on startup mentoring, board advising, and her board member position with Women in Data. We also spent a bit of time talking about the debate of open source/science vs. the monetization of AI and some of the practical benefits that open source communities provide. We close things off by discussing some of the common types of feedback that women in technical roles tend to hear and how you can navigate that.

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Show notes