Best new Secoda features and use cases (2023)

Secoda's 2023: Upgraded infrastructure, tools, and over 100 product updates. Explore popular features empowering data teams to cut costs, minimize downtime, and enhance data discovery.
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May 2, 2024

2023 was an incredibly busy year for us at Secoda. We’ve been hard at work upgrading our infrastructure, improving our tools, and releasing tons of new features based on your feedback – fun fact, we had over 100 product updates in the last year alone.

That’s a lot, so we thought we’d pick out some of our most popular updates and show you how they are enabling data teams to reduce data stack costs, downtime, and discover data more effectively..

We’ll be covering:

  • Secoda AI
  • Monitoring and Observability
  • Metrics
  • New Integrations
  • New UI
  • Customer Advisory Board
  • New resources
  • MDS Fest

Secoda AI

Imagine using ChatGPT for your metadata - that’s what we build Secoda AI to be. Secoda AI lets you or anyone on your team, regardless of technical ability, get a contextual answer to any question.

Ask any question to get context about your data - even in Slack

We've upgraded the way questions and answers are indexed. ​Stop answering the same question twice, get immediate answers to questions, power self-serve data consumers, and more. Secoda AI can now take your data lineage into account, and can answer questions like: "What downstream resources will be affected if I deprecated the @customers table?"

Auto generate your documentation

Secoda will auto-generate data documentation for table descriptions, columns, and dictionary terms. Spend less time documenting and more time on your main priorities.

Auto tag PII data, columns, and more

Automatically find, tag, and govern PII data across your assets so you can confidently share without worrying about compromising data governance. Secoda's smart AI recommendations allow you to propagate column changes to related fields automatically, saving you time.

Reference specific resources when chatting with Secoda AI

Know the resource you want more information about? Use the "@" symbol, followed by the resource name while talking to the AI assistant to answer your most specific questions.

Ask the AI about your data lineage

Secoda AI can now take your data lineage into account, and can answer questions like: "What downstream resources will be affected if I deprecated the customers table?"

Learn more about Secoda AI here

Data Monitoring and Observability

Monitor and simplify your entire data stack with integrated data monitoring and observability capabilities. Monitoring enables your team to proactively identify blindspots, never be caught off guard, and be in the know about the health of your data and pipelines, at all times. Get visibility into the health of your entire stack, prevent asset sprawl and unexpected costs.

Cost monitoring

Understand your cost drivers. Identify costly pipelines and data assets, and be alerted immediately if cost thresholds are exceeded.

A full menu of monitors

Increase data observability and ensure data quality. Monitor data cardinality, uniqueness, nullness, and more to make sure your data is accurate. Set monitors to keep track of data freshness, row count, and more. 

Custom SQL Monitors

Track whatever you desire. Set up custom monitors by writing your own SQL query, and keep tabs on what your team needs the most.

Slack Notifications

When an incident occurs, get notified via a connected Slack channel so you are never blindsided.


Centralize, visualize and define your organization's metrics with Secoda Metrics.

Make it easy to define and monitor key KPIs for your whole organization by creating metrics in Secoda. Add SQL queries, generate charts and visualizations for a dynamic, seamless experience in visualizing query-based metrics.

Use metrics to:

  • Enable consistent metric definitions across your org
  • Reduce redundancy and errors in metrics reporting
  • Improve data-driven decision making by providing accurate data

Learn more here

New Integrations

We shipped a ton of new features, fast - nearly doubling the number of native integrations we offer.

Some of our newest integrations include:

See our full list of integrations 

New UI and Redesigned Interface

We completely revamped the Secoda user experience, with new, beautiful, user friendly design. Usability and the ability for anyone, regardless of technical background underpins how we approach building Secoda. That’s why we believe that Secoda is the most intuitive way for both data and business teams to explore, understand, and use data.

Most of your favorite Secoda features got complete makeovers, including refactoring the lineage experience, to upgrade performance, usability, and design.

One click impact analysis

In one click, you can now understand the upstream and downstream dependencies of a resource in a list-view. Understand the impact of any changes quickly and easily.

Built in search bar

We've added a search bar within the lineage graph, to allow you to find and zoom in on specific nodes. This is especially helpful for navigating larger, more complex lineage graphs.

Preview dashboards & tables with one click

Help your users consolidate tools, and access beautiful dashboards and visualizations right in Secoda. Preview BI dashboards and visualizations from all your most used tools like Looker, Tableau, Sigma, and more.​

No more switching between tools or searching high and low for the right dashboard - unlock data democratization and simplify your workflows by accessing previews of dashboards and tables right in Secoda.

Customer Advisory Board

We launched our Customer Advisory Board, uniting data leaders and practitioners globally. Stemming from the company's early focus on customer needs, the initiative fosters a continuous feedback loop. With Secoda's expansion and recent milestones, the board serves as a platform for power-users to share insights, provide product feedback, and engage in discussions on the company's roadmap. 

We plan on providing regular updates to the community through blog posts, recaps, playbooks, guides, and success stories from these sessions. This initiative reflects our commitment to rapid product development and user-centric decision-making.

Read more about it here

New resources

We had a fantastic year of webinars, blog posts, memes, podcasts and more!

Check out some of the best pieces of content we put out this year:

👭 Women Lead Data Podcast: Tune in for conversations on the underrepresentation of women at the senior level, and practical advice on the skills you need to level up your career

💰How to manage the costs of the modern data stack at scale: building a data stack has never been easier - but have we traded the ease of setup for high costs?

📹 Learn about the data space on our Youtube channel: find all our workshops and masterclasses, Secoda How To’s, and guides on Youtube.

📚We wrote some books! Find out how to Decode the World of Data Catalogs and choose the right solution for you with our new guide.

MDS Fest

Last August, we launched the inagural MDS Fest - a community-led celebration of ideas and perspectives on the modern data stack. During the inaugural festival, we had over 1,300 attendees, 60+ sessions, and 5 full days of data practitioner content.

See the recaps here from day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4, and day 5

This incredible reception from the community has fuelled our passion to deliver an even more remarkable experience this time around. MDS Fest 2.0 will be running from April 8-12, 2024.

Registration is FREE. Check out the official website, join our Slack community, or follow us on Linkedin for updates

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