Modern Data Catalog for Looker

Easily search for all your Looker information in Secoda. The Looker integration will pull information related to Looks and put them into their own page on the Secoda UI.

How To Connect Looker To Secoda, a Modern Data Catalog

The Looker page will display the following information for documentation purposes: name, description, preview, Look, owner(s), tags, scheduled interval, last run, last run status, README.


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Easily Integrate Your Favourite Tools With Secoda

Secoda is more than a data catalogue. Secoda is the place to organize company data knowledge. We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, queries, docs and metrics a single source of truth.

How It Works

The Secoda and Looker connection works seamlessly to create an engaging user experience. Looker sends secure SQL queries on data stored in Secoda, allowing for fast data retrieval. The connection is secure, making sure that all your confidential data remains confidential. The connection creates a wide range of opportunities for data retrieval, creating user-driven experiences that are as engaging and intuitive as can be. With Secoda's fast connection and easy-to-use data catalog, both users and businesses have the power to access and query data quickly and efficiently.

How to see looker data lineage

Using Secoda, users can view their Looker data lineage in an interactive diagram. The diagram shows how the data is sourced, stored, used, and transformed. It also shows joining interactions between tables, allowing users to easily follow the data path throughout the platform. Secoda simplifies the process of understanding and visualizing Looker data lineage with minimal effort.

Create a data dictionary for looker

A data dictionary for Looker is an essential tool for creating efficient data integrations. Secoda makes creating a data dictionary for Looker easy by providing an intuitive, no-code data integration platform. Secoda allows users to quickly access data from multiple sources, build a data dictionary, and centrally manage data access and security. With Secoda, users can simplify data cataloging and ensure data remains secure and consistent across all users.

Share looker knowledge with everyone at your company

Sharing Looker knowledge with everyone at your company is an invaluable asset. Doing so promotes collaboration and helps to develop a shared understanding of the data across the organization, providing valuable insights and deeper insights into data and trends. Additionally, a wider knowledge base creates opportunities to identify creative solutions and gain greater efficiencies in data management.

Create a single source of truth based on looker metadata

Having a single source of truth based on Looker metadata is essential for any organization. It provides the essential foundation for standardizing data and helps create a set of unified standards across the organization that everyone can easily access and read. Having a single source of truth allows managers and teams to make decisions quickly and reliably while also ensuring that everyone has access to the same data. It's a great way to manage data and ensures concise, up-to-date, and accurate reporting.

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