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Automated documentation versioning in Bigeye with Secoda. Learn more about how you can automate workflows to turn hours into seconds. Do more with less and scale without the chaos.

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Bigeye integration allows for seamless transfer of metadata to Secoda, ensuring efficient documentation versioning and tagging of updated documents. By connecting Bigeye with Secoda, users can spend less time on documentation and more on sharing insights. Secoda automates the process of creating data documentation, including detailed descriptions for tables, columns, and glossary terms. This integration streamlines the workflow and enhances productivity by simplifying the management of metadata within Bigeye.

How it works

Secoda provides seamless integration with Bigeye, allowing you to automate your data documentation process. Through the Secoda Automations feature, you can use the metadata from Bigeye to automatically generate descriptions for tables, columns, and glossary terms. This integration enables you to create structured workflows with triggers and actions. Triggers serve as the activation point for your workflows, which can be scheduled on an hourly, daily, or custom basis. Actions, on the other hand, encompass various operations such as filtering and updating metadata. You can stack multiple actions to build customized workflows that fulfill your team's specific requirements. Additionally, with Secoda, you can also perform bulk updates to metadata in Airbyte, further enhancing your data management capabilities.

About Secoda

By integrating Bigeye and Secoda, you can accelerate the process of creating documentation with the help of AI. Secoda acts as a centralized platform that organizes and consolidates your company's data catalog, lineage, documentation, and monitoring. This integration allows for faster and more efficient access to your company's data knowledge.

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