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Secoda integration with Bigeye allows data engineering and science teams to effectively enforce data governance at scale by tagging PHI (Protected Health Information) within the Bigeye platform. This integration enhances data observability and ensures the quality and reliability of data, providing a comprehensive set of tools for teams to manage and monitor their data effectively.

How it works

Bigeye, a data exploration tool, doesn't offer built-in functionalities to directly tag Protected Health Information (PHI) within the platform. However, through integrations with tools like Secoda, you can leverage automation to achieve PHI tagging in Bigeye. Secoda allows you to set up automations with triggers and actions. Triggers can identify data elements containing PHI, and upon activation, the corresponding action would be to tag that data with a PHI label within Bigeye. This way, you can automate the process of flagging sensitive health information for better data governance and compliance.

The Bigeye integration allows you to tag PHI (Protected Health Information) through Secoda. An Automation consists of Triggers and Actions. Triggers activate the workflow based on specific schedules, such as hourly, daily, or custom intervals. Actions encompass various operations, such as filtering and updating metadata, enabling you to create customized workflows for your team. With Secoda, you can perform bulk updates to metadata in Bigeye.

About Secoda

Secoda, the AI data governance platform, offers seamless integration with Bigeye. With Secoda's ability to connect to various data models, databases, warehouses, and BI tools, it simplifies the process of finding and utilizing data at scale for all stakeholders. By consolidating data catalog, lineage, documentation, and monitoring into a single platform, Secoda ensures efficient data management.

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