Connect Amazon Quicksight and Amazon glue

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Amazon Quicksight and Amazon glue

What are the benefits of connecting Amazon Quicksight and Amazon glue

Connecting Amazon Glue and Amazon QuickSight provides numerous benefits, such as faster data preparation, scalable data analyses, improved data visualizations, and reduced operational costs. It also enables users to explore, visualize, and analyze data stored in AWS data sources quickly and easily, without having to move data between storage systems. The integration of these two services allows users to gain meaningful insights in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

How to connect Amazon Quicksight and Amazon glue

To connect Amazon Quicksight and Amazon Glue, start by creating an Amazon Glue Data catalog and crawler to collect the data needed. Then, in Amazon QuickSight, select 'Managed Data Catalog' as the data source and choose the appropriate Data Catalog from the list. Finally, select from the crawled data to use in Amazon QuickSight.

What are the benefits of connecting Amazon Quicksight and Amazon glue in a data catalog

Connecting Amazon Quicksight and Amazon Glue to Secoda provides data teams with a powerful tool to quickly analyze data, create visualizations and reports, and create ETL jobs. Additionally, Secoda's data catalog allows data teams to quickly find the data they need, while its lineage and data dictionaries provide context and understanding.

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