Connect Salesforce and Metabase

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Salesforce and Metabase

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What are the benefits of connecting Metabase and Salesforce

Using Salesforce and Metabase together can help organizations gain more insights into customer needs, sales performance and other relevant metrics. Salesforce provides a cloud-based, secure platform for organizations to manage their customer relationships, while Metabase provides powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. Together, these two tools allow users to leverage real-time insights to uncover new opportunities and take advantage of strategic decisions. This powerful combination can help organizations drive improved customer service and drive growth in sales.

How to connect Metabase and Salesforce

Connecting Metabase and Salesforce is an easy and straightforward process. Firstly, users will have to enable Metabase's built-in Salesforce integration in their Metabase Admin Panel. Next they will have to enter their Salesforce credentials and adjustments can be made to limit their access to specific objects and records. Finally, users can map tables in Salesforce to Metabase databases which provides Metabase access to the Salesforce data. Once the mapping is complete, the data is immediately available to query and explore in Metabase.

What are the benefits of connecting Metabase and Salesforce in a data catalog

To connect Salesforce and Metabase, first sign into both Salesforce and Metabase. Then, connect either the Salesforce or Metabase database and paste the connection instructions into the other database to finish the connection. Finally, test the connection as necessary and save the connection. Now you are ready to analyze and visualize your Salesforce data in Metabase!

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