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Salesforce and Mode

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What are the benefits of connecting Mode and Salesforce

Salesforce and Mode are both comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) tools that provide organizations with valuable insights into their customers. Salesforce is an industry-leading CRM that helps organizations manage their customer data, sales processes and marketing campaigns. Mode provides a data analyics platform that enables users to quickly explore their data, create reports, and build metrics all in one place. With Salesforce and Mode together, businesses can harness powerful customer insights and get the most out of their data, improving business performance and customer experience.

How to connect Mode and Salesforce

Mode and Salesforce can be connected for a seamless integration of data and analytics. By connecting these two systems, users can have real-time, single source of truth for the whole business. The connection can be done in a few steps. First, users must verify that the correct fields and objects have been enabled for both systems. Then, users can use the Salesforce Data Importer to move the necessary fields in and out of Mode. Once the data is in Mode, users can leverage the Salesforce connector to link the two systems and bring in data from Salesforce on a regular basis. Finally, users can define reports and dashboards to visualize and monitor data in Mode.

What are the benefits of connecting Mode and Salesforce in a data catalog

Connecting Salesforce and Mode is easy! Simply select the Salesforce connector when setting up a connection in Mode. Enter your Salesforce credentials - including your Salesforce username and password - and you will be instantly connected. From there, you will be able to easily access data from Salesforce and make data-driven decisions in Mode.

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