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Salesforce and Looker

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What are the benefits of connecting Looker and Salesforce

Using Salesforce and Looker together can provide tremendous benefits to businesses. With Salesforce, businesses get an enterprise-level customer relationship management tool that provides a comprehensive view of customers, including customer profiles, financials, products, and service communications. Looker provides powerful analytics tools that let businesses explore customer data, measure customer engagement, and identify trends and outliers. Together, Salesforce and Looker can provide a comprehensive understanding of the customer lifecycle, helping businesses maximize customer engagement and drive profitable growth.

How to connect Looker and Salesforce

Looker and Salesforce can be connected through Looker's Data Blocks. Data Blocks is a tool that allows users to quickly and securely integrate data from Salesforce into their Looker projects. The process begins by identifying the data points and relationships you wish to integrate into Looker. Once that is complete, users can use Data Blocks to transform and load the data into Looker with a few simple clicks. After successful integration, Looker users can explore their data and quickly create visualizations, dashboards, and reports to make well informed decisions.

What are the benefits of connecting Looker and Salesforce in a data catalog

In order to connect Salesforce and Looker, you will first need to use the Salesforce Data Loader. This will let you export the data from Salesforce into a .csv file. From the .csv file, you can then use the Looker Import Wizard to upload the data into Looker. After this, you can create a data source connection and start using the data in Looker.

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