Connect Salesforce and Postgres

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Salesforce and Postgres

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What are the benefits of connecting Postgres and Salesforce

Salesforce and Postgres provide tremendous benefits to businesses that leverage these technologies. Salesforce provides powerful customer relationship management (CRM) features and a variety of customization options, while Postgres offers a reliable and scalable database backend. Combined, these technologies can provide companies the means to seamlessly interact with their customers and store large datasets, both of which are critical components in running an efficient business.

How to connect Postgres and Salesforce

To connect Postgres and Salesforce, you will need to use an ETL service such as Skyvia. First, set up the connection between Postgres and Skyvia. Then configure Skyvia to copy data from Postgres and write it to Salesforce. If needed, you can also use Skyvia to map Postgres data to Salesforce objects. Finally, you can set up Skyvia to synchronize Postgres and Salesforce automatically or run imports and exports manually.

What are the benefits of connecting Postgres and Salesforce in a data catalog

To connect Salesforce and Postgres, set up an external data source in Salesforce and configure it to use an ODBC driver to connect to Postgres. Then, establish an ETL process to transfer the data you want to move between the two systems. Lastly, use Salesforce to import and export data from Postgres.

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