Connect Amplitude and Redshift

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Amplitude and Redshift

What are the benefits of connecting Amplitude and Redshift

Connecting Redshift to Amplitude allows users to gain valuable insights, such as understanding user behavior, making more informed decisions, and accurately tracking ROI. It eliminates the need for manual data transfers, streamlines data analysis into one platform, and provides real-time analytics capabilities. All of this adds up to better awareness of usage trends, deeper customer segmentation understanding, and ultimately higher success rates.

How to connect Amplitude and Redshift

To connect Amplitude and Redshift, first create a read-only user in Redshift. Then, use the credentials in the Amplitude Redshift connector to establish a connection. Finally, configure any desired properties, like a query filter and data export frequency. Once complete, Amplitude will begin syncing data to Redshift.

What are the benefits of connecting Amplitude and Redshift in a data catalog

Connecting Amplitude and Redshift to Secoda will provide data teams with an easy to use, automated data catalog that will make it easier to find, access and understand the data they need. It will also ensure that data teams have access to up-to-date, accurate data, which will help them make more informed decisions.

Manage your modern data stack with Secoda

We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, a single source of truth. Collecting and analyzing essential to ensuring your company is making the right decisions and moving in the right direction. Secoda gives every employee a single plane they can go to in order to find, understand and use company data.

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