Connect Sisense and Databricks

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Sisense and Databricks

What are the benefits of connecting Sisense and Databricks

DataBricks and Sisense offer businesses a powerful combination of cloud-scale analytics capabilities and easy-to-use visualizatoin tools. This unlocks insights from data regardless of volume, complexity and changes over time, making it easier to take action. With this powerful integration, companies can improve decision-making, maximize operations and unleash data-driven innovation.

How to connect Sisense and Databricks

To connect Sisense and Databricks, you will need to install the Sisense Databricks plugin and configure the two applications. Then, you can use the plugin to access data from a Databricks cluster and visualize it using Sisense’s powerful analytics capabilities. Finally, the connection can be strengthened by allowing users to upload data to Databricks and use Sisense’s machine learning models.

What are the benefits of connecting Sisense and Databricks in a data catalog

Connecting Sisense and Databricks to Secoda allows users to easily access and analyze data from both platforms. This allows for faster and more efficient data analysis, which can lead to better insights and more informed decisions. Additionally, Secoda helps users understand the data and its lineage, which can help with data governance and compliance.

Manage your modern data stack with Secoda

We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, a single source of truth. Collecting and analyzing essential to ensuring your company is making the right decisions and moving in the right direction. Secoda gives every employee a single plane they can go to in order to find, understand and use company data.

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