Connect Sisense and Postgres

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Sisense and Postgres

What are the benefits of connecting Sisense and Postgres

Connecting PostgreSQL and Sisense facilitates the storage and retrieval of data in an efficient and secure manner. Users can benefit from various features like auto-scaling, in-memory caching, reporting and visualization tools to get more insights from the data. Additionally, integration with Sisense simplifies the process of data analysis and helps in streamlining operational processes.

How to connect Sisense and Postgres

To connect Sisense and Postgres, first install Sisense, then connect Postgres to Sisense using a JDBC connection. Configure Postgres authentication in the Sisense Administration Interface, then verify that the connection works by selecting data from Postgres and displaying it in a Sisense Dashboard.

What are the benefits of connecting Sisense and Postgres in a data catalog

Connecting Sisense and Postgres to Secoda provides an easy way to access and analyze data quickly. It also helps to ensure data accuracy and compliance with data governance policies. Additionally, it helps to reduce the time and effort required to manually search for data and its associated metadata.

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