Connect dbt and Great Expectations

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dbt and Great Expectations

What are the benefits of connecting dbt and Great Expectations

Connecting Great Expectations to dbt provides the opportunity to define, refine, and ultimately operationalize all assumptions, themes, and observations. dbt's powerful platform gives a consistent, structured data modeling process to easily monitor data flows, uncover any issues and exceptions, and quickly implement improvements that are driven by process analysis. Moreover, dbt's collaboration and automation capabilities, coupled with its intuitive visualizations, lets users quickly develop, enhance, and maintain data pipelines.

How to connect dbt and Great Expectations

DBT and Great Expectations can be connected through their emphasis on self-development and empowerment. Through DBT and the moral themes in Great Expectations, readers can learn positive ways to manage their emotions and take control over their lives. Both also emphasize the importance and power of accepting reality, forgiving oneself and others, and setting realistic expectations.

What are the benefits of connecting dbt and Great Expectations in a data catalog

Connecting DBT and Great Expectations to Secoda is fantastic. Secoda can help data teams quickly identify data sources, track data changes, and ensure data quality. This makes it easier to build data pipelines and automate data validation.

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We’ve built Secoda as a single place for all incoming data and metadata, a single source of truth. Collecting and analyzing essential to ensuring your company is making the right decisions and moving in the right direction. Secoda gives every employee a single plane they can go to in order to find, understand and use company data.

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