Connect Power BI and Oracle

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Power BI and Oracle

What are the benefits of connecting Power BI and Oracle

Connecting Oracle to Power BI provides numerous benefits, such as automated connection to Oracle databases, queries and objects, improved visualizations and insights by leveraging Power BI visuals and interactive dashboards, and data integration from Oracle to Power BI workspaces. Additionally, data can be securely integrated so only authorized users can access it. Lastly, this connection supports real-time analytics that can be used to identify and explore trends.

How to connect Power BI and Oracle

To connect Power BI and Oracle, you need to open the Power BI Query Editor and select "Oracle" as the data source. Then, enter the Oracle host, username and password to successfully connect to the Oracle database. Once connected, you can use the query editor to build and modify queries to extract the required data.

What are the benefits of connecting Power BI and Oracle in a data catalog

Connecting Power BI and Oracle allows users to quickly and easily access data and create reports with accurate information. Secoda also helps to automate data governance and security processes, making it easier to ensure data is secure and compliant.

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